Enchantment by: Charlotte Abel

Enchantment (Channie, #1)

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So instead of continuing with my plan to post reviews of books I read a while ago that I loved. I felt the need to post this now.
I bought Enchantment while it was free on Amazon and have been waiting for a long time to feel inspired to read. Well I was, and wow, I wish I had picked this one up as soon as a bought it.

This book was excellent. I finished it at about 2 a.m. last night and was so tired that I literally had to force myself to go to sleep before writing this. I had no intention of staying up that late last night, but I had to finish Enchantment and see how the story would resolve. And can you say twist?! I will not say what happened but I will say that it had quite the surprise twist at the end.

Ok, so lets break it down so I stop sounding like a crazy fan girl (which I kind of am).

We start of with Channie, which is short for Enchantment (thus the title of the book). In this book, the mages’ powers derive from their names. Therefore, Enchantment is naturally charismatic, people are drawn to her, and she is able to sway others to her way of thinking more easily that other people can. So anyway, her Daddy is in trouble with some dangerous people and forces them to move away and go into hiding. On top of that, Channie’s sister Abby (Abundance) has triplet boys, and now that they are going to be living in a “Magically Disabled” community. Channie’s parents are afraid that she will suffer the same fate as Abby and get knocked up. This seems highly unlikely with what I came to know of Channie’s character, but her parents are crazy, so it sort of makes sense.

In order to keep Channie pure, her parents do a spell that is dangerous and that they do not really understand that changes Channie’s power name to Chastity. Then the fun really begins.

Channie decides to go test Chastity’s power by bespelling a boy she meets into kissing her. We later find out that that’s Josh, and then we get into the meat of the story, which I will not go into.

I liked Channie. I thought it was a little strange that she kept talking about the name’s magic like it was something separate from her, since she kept talking how it was a big part of her. I guess that was her was of distinguishing the good magic from the bad magic. She could be a little crazy at times, and she went through a few angsty teen heroine freak-outs, but I believed them. The way she acted was a product of the way she was raised. She was raised to believe that boys only wanted one thing, and girls just had to put up with it to get a husband. Her ideas began to change of course, but some of her behavioral patterns were so ingrained in her that it is not a surprise that some of her reactions were over-the-top. It made sense.

Josh was great. He went a little overly teenage boy at times, but that is to be expected, and of course, that makes it believable. He did a good job taking things in stride and not letting things trip him up for long. I thought it was cool that he was a BMX racer, not that it added a ton to the story, but it was just a cool change of pace from the normal high school jock, captain of the football team, or mysterious bad boy that is somehow a perfect match for the heroine.

Which brings me to the romance. Channie and Josh have their differences. It is not all sunshine and rainbows for them. A lot of their problems go back to Channie’s name being changed to Chastity, but not all of them. I think things would have been difficult for them even without that extra barrier. Channie has some serious trust issues thanks to her parents, and she was raised in a completely different way that Josh was, and not just because of the magic. Honestly, I worry a little about what kind of adult she will be. She did not realize there was anything wrong with the way her parents treated her, and I hope she will see that she was not raised in the best manner and will be able to be a better adult that her parents were/are.

That pretty much covers the story, but there is one other thing I would like to add. I read this in another revue, and I agreed with so much that I felt the need to reiterate. Enchantment is extremely well written, and not just for an indie book. Most YA, whether it be indie or traditionally published, is full of mistakes, whether it be grammatical or word choice. That was not the case with Enchantment. I did not really notice any mistakes, which allowed for smoother reading because I did not have to keep stopping to figure out what the book was supposed to say. I probably would not have even noticed except I read another review that pointed this out, but that is a good thing. I do not want to notice a bunch of grammatical errors. It makes it more difficult lost in a book if I have to stop to figure out what it is supposed to say every few pages.

So anyway, Enchantment was a great read. I could not put it down. 5/5 Stars


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  1. Thanks for the great review! I’m so glad you enjoyed “Enchantment.” You can thank Final-
    edits.com for the smooth read. There’s no substitute for a professional editor. I self-edit before submitting my manuscripts to Final-Edits and they still come back with a TON of corrections.

    I just found out that “Enchantment” made it into the next round of judging for the Amazon Breakthrough Novel of the Year award. I’d love to know if you think the beginning of the story is strong enough as is, or if it’s too much back story? I’ve been debating whether or not I should start with the scene in the park (where Channie meets Josh for the first time) and drop in the rest of the information as their romance develops, tweak the beginning to add a little magic, or just leave it alone.

    Thanks again,

    • I like the way it starts. If the story began with her meeting Josh in the park, we would miss seeing what Channie is like as Enchantment. I think getting the little taste of her personality before her name changes is important to seeing who her character is and for understanding the differentiation between Enchantment’s magic and Chastity’s magic.

      Thanks for responding to my review and for writing such an awesome story.

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