Taken by: Charlotte Abel

Taken (Channie, #2)

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So I obviously LOVED Enchantment, since I have already finished its sequel. Warning if you have not read Enchantment yet, go here and read my review; then read the book. This review contains major spoilers for the first book. Proceed with caution.
Taken picks up not long after the end of Enchantment with Josh and Channie married and living in the abandoned cabin by the bauxite quarry that she and Hunter went swimming in at the beginning of Enchantment.

I did not like this book quite as much as the first book, but I still liked it. I think I would have liked this book better if the characters were older, and if the book had fallen into the New Adult category instead of Young Adult, but I struggled with shy, quiet, 16-year-old Channie spending all her time with Josh in bed. I would have liked to have gotten more of them doing normal teenage couple things, not just sneaking around and hooking up in the back of Josh’s car. Sure some high schoolers would do this, but most would not, and it did not match their characters to me. I understand that it was somewhat a product of their circumstances, but, as Channie pointed out, they went from doing nothing to doing nothing to doing everything, and I would have liked some middle ground.

Channie no longer has powers, and I feel sorry for the way she gets treated because of this. It does not help that her mom is crazy (though I will not go into detail about that as much because the details are important and I do not want to give them away). However, she adjusts to not having powers pretty well, though I hope their is some way she can get them back.

Josh kind of goes emo in this book. This surprised me because that goes against his power name of Valor, and after the way Channie’s names made her act in the first book, I did not think Valor would allow Josh to through hissy fits, but he did. I completely understood where he was coming from, and they made sense, but they did not totally match what I knew of his character, so they somewhat surprised me.

Hunter played a much bigger role in this book. I really tried to like him, but I just could not. Part of it is that he thinks the way of his people, with all of their old-timed schools of thought. The way he acts is a product of that, and not his fault, but I found him to be sort of closed minded and judgmental which did not work for me since other people judging him bothers him.

I was impressed with Channie’s dad. Even though he is still a greedy jerk, he was trying to do right by Channie, and I had to respect that.

I liked Diego, though his appearance came out of left field. He was trying his to do right by Abby and his boys, and, even if he makes some questionable decisions, I have to be impressed by that.

I love the trips, I am a little worried about them, particularly Savvy. He is one devious little child, and I really hope that they will be able to play a bigger part in the last book.

Overall, I enjoyed this book, and I flew through it. I did not like it as much as the first one, but I still liked it quite a bit. I am feeling super impatient for the last book Finding Valor.

4.5 Stars


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