Jamb by: Misty Provencher


I feel like I have a ton of books started and never finish any of them, so now I am trying to force myself to finish them. It’s not that I don’t like them, I do; it’s just that I know something bad is about to happen and I don’t want to get to it. The worst part is, the bad thing is usually nowhere near as bad as my mind convinces me it will be. But for real though.

So anyway, last night I finished a perfect example of this. Jamb by Misty Provencher. This is the third book in her Cornerstone series and it is a doozy.

Photo linked to Goodreads

Photo linked to Goodreads

On Gooreads, instead of getting a true book blurb, we get this little number:

A note, from Nalena:

The world has gone insane and our only option is to go deeper into The Fury. 
Facing the enemy doesn’t scare me. 
Unless he is my enemy now.

I personally think this adds to the intensity of this book. If you look on Amazon, there is an actual book description, but I am a fan of this one.

Initial thoughts:

Oh goodness, that cliffhanger was awful. Why didn’t the book after the second-to-last chapter when things were at a stopping point?! That last chapter was killer.

Ok, now that I’ve gotten that off of my chest, I can actually review the book.

Jamb picks up almost exactly where Keystone left off. Nali and Garrett are standing on the roof of the hotel watching the Fury approach, Nali wants to go help in some way to defend their haven, but Garrett tells her that she needs to rest because getting a new Connection wears a Contego out. Nali passes out amidst her protests.

When she wakes up again, all sorts of drama ensues. The Curas are all gathered, but no one knows who to trust. People are panicking which can never lead to good things. Oh and did I mention goody-two-shoes Sean gets into some serious drama of his own? I totally didn’t see that one coming. Not from him.

I don’t want to give away too much more because I’m trying not to spoil anything here. Garrett is still great, and him and Nali together are still sickeningly sweet. (Which I like)

The second half of the book got a little hard to read in a couple of parts. Probably not for reasons your thinking. You will just have to find out on your own.

Some questions were answered, some loyalties were determined, while others are up in the air, but I think I have even more questions now than I did at the beginning. I hope the last book gets released soon!

4/5 Stars

To purchase Jamb from Amazon, go here.

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  1. Thank you so much for the awesome review, Kelli! I know, that cliffhanger, right?!!! Oh my. Folks are giving me grief about the cliffhanger (and rightly so) but I thought that if I ended it where I think you were thinking- I thought THAT would be too much of a cliffhanger! Ah well. 🙂 I win some and lose some. I’m so excited to hear that you’ve been enjoying the series though, and I’m working on the last installment right now- so you will have it by the end of the year! Thank you again for the lovely review!

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